We'll Handle the Dirty Work

Turn to our specialists for lawn care and demolition services

Taking on a major lawn care or landscape drainage project is hard work. You have to rent heavy-duty equipment, order truckloads of dirt and put in hours of hard labor. Sounds overwhelming, right?

So instead of trying to tackle an irrigation project on your own, turn to Nonette's Professional Services. We offer comprehensive lawn care and demolition services to update your property.

You can call on us for a variety of commercial or residential services, including:

  • Trenching
  • Dirt spreading
  • Yard maintenance
  • Building demolition

Get started on your next project today by setting up a consultation. Be sure about our discounts.

Get a lush, even lawn

Keep your property looking level and tidy with professional lawn care services from Nonette's Professional Services. Not only will we maintain the look and health of your yard, but we'll also level out low areas and prevent excess water from pooling on your lawn. Protect your property from standing water by calling 337-292-5444 today.

Completing safe demolitions since 2011

When you need demolition services, you want to work with an expert who has the knowledge and experience needed to do the job right. You're in good hands with Nonette's Professional Services because we have over 10 years of experience in commercial and residential demolition.

Local contractors rely on us because we:

  • Work quickly and efficiently
  • Have a highly-trained team
  • Follow careful safety procedures
  • Bring our own equipment
  • Offer competitive pricing

Call to get a free estimate on demolition services.